Rowena Yeager has over 29 years experience as a nationally renowned guest artist, business owner, and Artistic Director. In 2001 she opened Studio Wish Salon now located in Twinsburg, Ohio.
As a guest artist she has styled many celebrities hair, including Dave Navarro for the Lollapalooza tour in 2003. She has won several Awards in her career, “Best Educational Presentation” by the State Board of Cosmetology Indiana for her stage work with Graham Webb in 2001, “Small Business Person of the Year” by the Streetsboro Chamber of Commerce in 2005, as well as the PBA Spirit Award in 2007. Her salon has been named one of the #1 color salons in the Akron Canton area for 4 years, was pictured in Salon Today Magazine during the “Salon of the Year 2001” contest, and was awarded again in 2016 for the 8th time as a “Top 200 Salon” in Salon Today Magazine.
In 2002 Rowena joined PBA and has continued to be very involved with the organization by helping better our industry through networking and education. Known as a networking and social media guru she was voted by her peers in 2009 to represent the beauty industry on PBA Salon/Spa Leadership Team. She is active in helping with the PBA Beauty Week committee, Membership committee and attends many seminars gathering education and technology ideas to keep in front of our ever changing business community. She enjoys sharing her business skills with other salon owners and managers to help them better their business practices and grow the beauty industry as a whole. “Working together for one common goal is what it is all about, so let’s pay it forward.”

“Without Faith, There’s no such thing as a Wish”


I’m Angie Cunningham a Creator at Studio Wish Salon. I attended Maplewood Career Center and graduated in 1992. I love transforming looks and seeing smiles on my guests faces ! My most recent found passion is naturally curly hair and the challenges that go along with it. I was introduced to an innovative way of treating curls thanks to Deva Curl I enjoy the diversity in all hair types. My greatest inspirations without a doubt are the added educational classes I have attended however, my fellow stylists inspire me on a daily basis . We all work well as a team and encourage one another to be the best we can be!


My name is Mahlaina Yeager I have been in the salon since I was 12 years old. I started out as a salon assistant and then moved to a salon coordinator position a few years later. Working at the front desk for so many years made me realize how much I enjoy being in the salon industry and how much I wanted to become a stylist. I attended Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design in Orem, Utah for my cosmetology schooling and graduated in 2012. Since finishing school my true passion for hairstyling has motivated me to take continuing education to further technical skills so I can provide the ultimate salon experience. My goal is to provide an oasis where you can relax care free within the salon.


I have been in the industry for five years. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great salon that offers so many education opportunities. I always look forward to learning new things to further my career as a stylist. I am a Deva Curl inspired stylist and plan to further my education with curly hair. I also attended a three day workshop to provide me with the tools to perform a perfect consultation with every guest consistently to better understand what they are looking for, and what their hair needs are and follow the steps to further exceed their expectations. I truly enjoy giving my guests a consistent, relaxing, and carefree experience. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they leave! I love where I am and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.


My true passion is to show everyone how beautiful they really are. I feel fortunate to be in such a beautiful salon that provides great education. I love the team atmosphere and truly feel that we can accomplish anything. I’m excited to grow with my team and our guests. I look forward to seeing you soon for our perfect consultation!


My passion for hair and makeup started at a young age. I have always loved making things beautiful. I used to sit and watch my mother get ready and observed everything she did. I found it fascinating to see her apply her makeup with great detail and the special attention she gave to her hair. To this day, I love everything about my choices I made for me. The beauty industry allows me to be myself, be creative, and be colorful. It allows me to go to work every day loving what I do, knowing I made the best decision for my future. Each day I am reminded of why I chose the beauty industry, to see all things made beautiful.



Meet Me At The Mirror

Tips for preventing split ends and Growing your hair long and healthy

If you’re growing your hair long, the last thing you want is split ends, as they will eventually break off and can damage the rest of the hair shaft. Follow these tips to keep your hair in good condition and keep split ends to a minimum.


1) Tie your hair back if you’re boating, riding a motorbike, driving a convertible and so on. This will minimize tangles – the major cause of split ends.Use a loose scrunchie rather than a “rubber band”.

2) Take extra care when detangling your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb and gently detangle from the ends, up to the roots. Never yank a brush through the length of your hair, as this will damage it. Don’t rush either – take your time and be as gentle as you can.

3) Use a weekly deep conditioner. This will keep your hair in optimum condition and will reduce the number of split ends you get.

4) Squeeze the water out of your hair rather than ruffing it up with a towel. Micro fiber towels are best.

5) Get a hair cut every 8 weeks. Some women can go longer between trims – it all depends on hair type – but most will need to see the hairdresser several times a year. This allows your hair to grow, while keeping the ends neat.

6) Use salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Generally, when it comes to hair products, you get what you pay for. Investing in quality products will keep you away from the hairdresser for longer. When you buy inexpensive store products you will use more, waste money down the drain.

7) When blowdrying your hair always use a heat protective styling product or leave in conditioner. Think about it like this… if you were to lay out in the sun without sunscreen you would be burning your skin right? Protect your hair with great natural products and see great results

*** For more great salon quality recommendations please call us at the Studio, we would love to help you with your hair care needs. 330 486 9474.

Enjoy these long hair tips and have a happy hair day ~ Rowena =)

Meet me at the Mirror

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